Online BScN and Nursing Specialisation Programs in Pakistan

Many nurses ask about admissions in online nursing education programs in Pakistan at PkN Social Media Networks. Most of them are busy in their jobs in different areas, whereas, many of them are working abroad, especial in the Middle East. They want to get admission in online nursing education programs in Pakistan. This article is aimed at clarifying the confusions related to online nursing programs in Pakistan.

No Online Nursing Programs in Pakistan

The fact is that no any online nursing education program is available in Pakistan at present. Whereas, Some of the courses of nursing programs are available in blended mode at the Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, Karachi.

Blended means “mixed”. In a blended course of study, some part of a course is taught in a classroom and some in online mode. However, there is no any institute in Pakistan which offers any nursing program completely online.

Online Nursing Education is not Feasible

Offering a nursing program completely online is not feasible in Pakistan at present. Primarily because of difficulty in check and balance. Even Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Nursing Examination Boards and Nursing Directorates are not able to regulate the traditional nursing programs at many places.

How are People Getting Online Nursing Education in Pakistan?

Many people claim that they are doing a Post-RN BScN or a post-basic specialty program online. However, most of them tell lie or the nursing institute where they have taken admission is substandard or fake. Those substandard institutes take heavy fees from the students and do not bound them to take regular classes.  Such institutes are just money machines and are playing with the lives of patients and the reputation of the nursing profession in Pakistan. Mainly, PNC is responsible for regulating these institutes, however, the PNC has grossly failed in doing so. All of us should take some steps against this corruption. At least, we should start talking about this issue.

The Double Game

The owners of those substandard nursing institutes are very influential and have political connections. Many times, those institutes play a double game with the students. They take more students than they are allowed by PNC. For example, if the institute is allowed to take 25 admissions in a program, they may take 35 admissions.

They have to fill PNC pre-registration forms online. However, they only register 25 most clever and powerful students in the PNC. The additional 10 fools are not registered with the PNC. After charging admission and monthly fees, they terminate the additional 10 students one by one for different reasons, including absence from classes.

What to do?

  1. Raise your voices against these unethical practices on all forums.
  2. Discourage your colleague from taking admission in such substandard institutes.
  3. If someone has affected your seniority on the basis of a so-called online nursing degree you should file a case against a promotion on the basis of such seniority.
  4. If you have personally witnessed such irregularities, report the institutes in writing and on social media. But do not spread any fake news.
  5. Share your comments below and share this article with all concerned.