Mutual Transfer Page for Pakistani Nurses

Transfer of an employee from one province/ city to another is restricted due to the policies of the government. However, the option of transfer is a open for all employees in the government sector.

What is mutual transfer?

Mutual transfer means transfer of employees to each other’s places. For example, a nurse is working in PIMS, Islamabad and wants to get transfered in the Civil Hospital Karachi and there is another nurse who is working in the Civil Hospital Karachi and wants to move to PIMS, Islamabad. In this case, both of the nurses can be transfered to each other’s positions and this transfer is known as a mutual transfer.

Why we are writing this post?

At PkN, many nurses ask about mutual transfer from one area to another area in the government sector. Main problem is searching someone who has the same designation and is willing for mutual transfer. Therefore, this post is dedicated for those who want a mutual transfer. Nurses can reach to this post through social media or Google.

What to do?

If you wish to get a mutual transfer, share the following information in the comments below:

  1. Name
  2. Designation
  3. Place of posting
  4. Desired place of posting
  5. Email address

If any of your friends wants a mutual transfer share the link with them. Or tag them in the comments.

How to tag a Facebook friend in comments?

You can tag your Facebook friends in the comments. To tag someone, ad this symbol @ before the name of your friend. For example, if the name of your friend is Santosh.

Then write in the comments,


The photo and the name of santosh will appear in the drop-down list, just select it.