SNEB Results 2017 and the students’ Protest

Sindh Nurses Examination Board (SNEB) has announced its much-awaited results today. But the students are protesting against the higher failure ratios in the exams. These results were expected to be announced more than six months back but were delayed for different reasons.

If you could not access the results on the official website of SNEB, see the results below:

Preliminary results

Second Year Results

Final Year Results

Community Midwives Results

Midwives Results

Other Results:

The withheld Result of General Nursing, Midwifery Nursing and Post Basic Specialization Nursing will be issued after the submission of PNC pre-registration list of their respective institutes.

Why the were the results delayed?

The SNEB results were delayed because for about 8 to 9 months, the posts of Controller, Deputy Controller and Assistant Controler remained vacant. Reportedly, the result was ready but due to the vacant post, the result could not be announced. However, in June 2017 Ms Khair ul Nisa, Mr Atta Rajpar, and Mr Nomi Waqas were assigned as Controller, Deputy Controller and Assistant Controller at SNEB respectively.  These officers were already working in the health department of Sindh Government.

Furthermore, owing to the reports of taking bribes from the students by the agents and their influence on the results, the new management decided to re-check the papers. The papers were re-checked in a month and the result has been announced today.

What are the opinions of the nursing students?

Many of the students who have passed the exams are happy about the results and are appreciating the steps taken by SNEB management. However, many of the students are angry about the results.

Nursing students protesting in front of SNEB against the higher failure ratios
Nursing students protesting in front of SNEB against the higher failure ratios. Image Courtesy: Tharo Khan Khaki @ Nurses Media Facebook Group

Many students protested outside the SNEB on the same day of announcement of results. The students are of the view that they waited for months for the results but the results were not announced timely. Whatever the reasons are, it was the responsibility of SNEB to announce the results on time. However, the result was delayed for about one year.

Nursing students protesting in front of SNEB against the higher failure ratios.
Nursing students protesting in front of SNEB against the higher failure ratios. Image Courtesy: Tharo Khan Khaki @ Nurses Media Facebook Group

Moreover, the failing students are of the view that the failure ratio in the current results is too high. Some of the students alleged that this is the result of a tussle between the current and the previous administration of SNEB.  The students were deliberately given lower marks. The future of the students is at the stake.  Some other nursing professionals also support this view. 

What are the views of SNEB officials?

SNEB officials are of the view that they will categorically oppose the practices of corruption and nepotism that are prevalent in the nursing profession. They had declared that they are in a war against corruption. Furthermore, they are of the opinion that the current administration of SNEB is not responsible for the delay in the announcement of results. The results were already delayed. There were reports of corruption. There are organized networks of agents who take bribe from the student to get the desired results. The new SNEB administration has worked day night and got the papers re-checked within a month.

What do other nursing professionals say?

Many highly qualified nursing professionals support the decisions taken by the current SNEB administration. They are of the view that the nursing education was hijacked by the agents of corruption mafia. These agents were more powerful than the nursing educationists who are teaching at different institutes across the province. Checking the results purely on merit basis will enhance the worth of teachers as well as the profession. The students will focus on their study instead of the agents of corruption.

Moreover, many experts believe that the lower standards of nursing education in the province is the main reason for the downfall of the nursing profession. There must be strict criteria to pass in the nursing exams. The students who pass nursing exams through illegal means are the source of disgrace for the nursing profession.

Furthermore, they are of the view that the next step should be taken against the substandard and illegal institutes mushrooming across the Sindh province. In these institutes, the students are enrolled but the classes are not conducted. The students only appear in so-called exams which are not transparent. Pakistan Nursing Council should take action against these illegal institutes.

Just a comment

Corrupt mafia protesting against the brave and honest management! I really support new controller for their corruption free and standard policy for nursing profession! Nursing is not a joke! People take it as a joke due to corruption mafia! Students who are not able to write a single line take admission in nursing and pass the exam very easily due to corruption! Standard is necessary for our future and profession! Simply if you are not satisfied, go ahead for rechecking process! Well done Khair ul Nisa! You proved that you are sincere with your work and nursing profession! Plz, keep it up!

What is your opinion?